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Hungrycumbrians.com – Lake District Food Blog

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Hungry Cumbrians is a Lake District food blog that my partner and I launched a few years ago with the idea of shining a spotlight on the many fine places to eat in the Lake District.

At the time there were no social media accounts or websites dedicated to Lake District cafes and restaurants and we felt this was a niche that could gain some traction amongst foodie locals and tourists visiting the area looking for recommendations.

From a web design perspective, we aimed for something simple without clutter that was easy to read and also formatted well responsively since a lot of the traffic would come from mobile and tablet visitors. The aim of this project is not to gain revenue from traditional display advertising, though we are open to the idea of sponsored posts as a way to make it pay for itself.

Most eateries in the Lakes do have a lot of reviews and exposure on the usual sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp, but there are surprisingly few reviews on “lower tier” sites, meaning that ranking on the first page of search engines for reviews of specific local restaurants is less of a challenge than in larger cities with a more comprehensive food blogging community. This makes Hungry Cumbrians an interesting project to gain local SEO knowledge and skills that can be applied to web design projects for clients in the Lake District and Cumbria.

As you can tell from looking at the site, there was an initial flurry of posts but we have since gone very quiet, except for a few posts on the associated Instagram account. The project was put on the back burner for a number of reasons, but largely it came down to a lack of time to dedicate to reviewing the places we had visited. Hungry Cumbrians remains an interesting project and one that has taught me many lessons in web design, SEO and marketing, and we look forward to getting back to serving the Lake District with delicious reviews soon.