Sammy Hollin Portrait Photoshoot

Woodland Portrait Photoshoot with Sammy in the Yorkshire Dales

Like a lot of people that live in or near the Lake District, it’s easy to forget how much other lovely countryside there is within an hour or so of home. That was how I felt driving through the Yorkshire Dales to meet Sammy for a portrait shoot.

As Storm Ciara was beginning to announce it’s presence we abandoned the idea of making use of the wide, sweeping vistas of the moors due to very strong winds, and opted instead for a simpler woodland shoot in a location not too far from Bolton Abbey.

All shots were taken using natural light on a largely overcast day. As you can see above the sun did make a brief and welcome appearance which did allow us to pretend for just a moment that it was a warm day with lovely golden light.

In the main featured image I used one of the Fractal Filters, which helped provide a dreamy look, and goes along with the generally vintage look I was going for with the edits.

If you’re looking for a portrait photographer in the Yorkshire Dales, please get in touch.